Capture remote patient data anytime, anywhere for improved compliance, retention and adherence.

Improve study efficiency and data quality while reducing participant burden with Alpha Clinical Systems ez-PRO/COA. Create customized questionnaires that allow clinical trial participants to report using their personal smartphone. Once captured, patient data is available for real-time, remote monitoring and review via the ACS Study Monitor or any third-party EDC.

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capture patient data directly

Simplify studies while improving patient engagement with ez-PRO/COA.

features & benefits

One Platform, Infinite Flexibility
Integrated with the ACS360 platform, ez-PRO/COA integrates with Alpha Clinical Systems ez-SourceDocx, ez-Consent and ez-DIMS—providing a single platform for truly paperless clinical trial data capture. Eliminate expensive, error-prone paper-based processes with the most flexible eSource platform that delivers real-time, remote access to patient-reported data…and so much more.

Improve Study Efficiency, Participant Engagement
Configure custom ePRO/eCOA forms to capture patient-reported data using the web-based ACS Study Designer. Select from a variety of customizable form templates (i.e. medication forms. daily pain scale, quality of life, etc.) or create entirely new forms in a variety of languages, including Spanish, Japanese, Russian and French. Schedule eDiary forms according to the visit plan, configure edit checks and personalized patient notification and reminders.

Reduce Study Risk
Ensure accurate source documentation while creating a complete audit trail of patient-reported data with time-stamped patient responses captured anytime, anywhere. ez-PRO/COA supports multiple, global studies and can be used with or without a WiFi connection. 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.