Streamline and modernize your clinical trials with
ACS360—the most flexible and affordable eSource platform.


Capture eSource data directly—the moment it’s generated—for dramatically improved data quality and real-time, remote data access. The most comprehensive, fully-integrated eSource, EDC, and so much more—on the same platform.

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Quickly and easily create custom eSource forms with built-in edit checks for improved data quality and study efficiency.

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Capture eSource data directly during the study visit. Integrate with any third-party EDC for remote monitoring in real-time.

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Study monitor

Access eSource/eCRF data and documents remotely—for real-time monitoring that minimizes study time and costs.

ACS360 offers an end-to-end clinical trial management solution that unifies patient enrollment, clinical data management and monitoring. It has allowed us to easily track trends and oversee site activities without duplicating efforts across teams. Client support at Alpha Clinical Systems is top-notch.”
— Raphael A. Yakoov, Clinical Project Lead, SerenaGroup

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