Study Designer

Clinical trial quality and efficiency—by design.

Optimize your studies for quality, efficiency and safety from the start. Study Designer is a convenient web-based tool that enables quick and easy eSource and eCRF design and development. Eliminate paper-based processes for dramatically better data, faster study startup and streamlined workflows.

Study Designer Web Image 2019.png

create custom esource forms in minutes

Maximize data quality,
minimize study complexity.


  • Web-based digital design library with pre-built eSource templates or create custom forms

  • Build study calendar with all visits/arms and automatic edit and validation checks to ensure data quality

  • Track progress of site enrollments and study progress at the site level

  • Easily amend and electronically deliver updated protocol, CRF and informed consent forms to sites

  • Study design services available for complete study setup delivered in 2-3 weeks


  • Minimize Complexity and Study Risk. Designed to minimize study startup timelines, streamline workflows and reduce compliance risk, Study Designer ensures every study is optimized for quality protocol execution to capture all end point data in the most efficient manner.

  • Reduce Study Costs, Increase Efficiency. Our design team can create custom eSource and eCRFs built for sites according to sponsor protocol to eliminate the time-consuming and costly process of sites writing and amending source.

  • Improve Data Quality. Study Designer delivers optimal data quality via sophisticated, custom edit and validation checks that flag out of range values during the study visit.